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Revolving Products

15 Dec

Hey guys! Nevermind the hiatus but I am back.  I wanted to come back quickly to share about some products that are my favs!  These products are in my everyday wash, condition, and style routine.


First up is the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Shampoo.  It can be found in most stores around town.  A lot of naturals do not use a lot of shampoo because the sulfate in the shampoo can be very drying for natural hair.  I usually keep a shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free on hand for when I feel like my hair needs extra cleansing but when I ran out of what I had, I browsed wal-mart for another.  I came across the Olive Oil shampoo and read the ingredients.  It has ammomium lauryl sulfate (ALS) not sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).  Even though ALS is still a sulfate according to my quick research, it is not as drying as SLS and safer for hair so I decided to try it.  It is not nearly as drying as other shampoos that have sulfate and my hair was clean, soft, and still moisturized.

Next is a product that I have been using since I started transitioning. The VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Conditioner is the most affordable product that I use and never fails me.  This product is great for detangling, which I do before I wash, and co-washing.  It is only around $1 at most local stores.

I have posted about this deep conditioner before. I love the Eden BodyWorks all natural deep conditioner.  This deep conditioner is great for mixing with other products, is affordable, and very moisturizing to the hair.

My Cantu Leave in conditioning repair cream made me very happy! I just recently started using this cream and I was surprised by this leave in.  It made detangling a breeze and also works as a defining style cream also.  The smell is fabulous, too!

Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk has been my go to for a style cream and daily moisturizer also. I used to use the Curl enhancing smoothie but I had some flaking when using it so I wanted to give the curl and style milk a try.  It defines and moisturizes just like the smoothie without the flaking.  I love it andI love the smell too!

Coconut oil is a wonder in the hair world.  Natural and relaxed girls love coconut oil.  I have always been a fan of it but when I recently started using a lot more of it more often I became a bigger fan.  Nothing else can beat the shine and moisture that Coconut oil delivers.  I used to just use a little, maybe a quarter sized amount on the whole head every few days but a few weeks ago I  started using that amount on each section (about 6) on my  hair everyday and I really saw a difference in the look and feel of my hair.

So there are my favorites.  What are yours?

Take care beauties!

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