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Product Haul via Vitacost

31 Jul

Hello People!! I wanted to come and share with you some products that I recently ordered online.  I usually try and find my products in the stores but as  I was browsing online I came across  I was very interested in this website because they offer all natural products for VERY reasonable prices, so reasonable that some products are 50% less than they are in the stores.  SO I WENT IN!! I had a cart worth $200!! Yeah I know right crazy and yes one can spend $200 on hair products.  Don’t call me crazy just yet because I DID NOT spend $200.  I spent around $60 (still too much I know but I couldnt help it) on 8 products, and if you spend $49 or more the shipping costs are FREE, so I was happy about that.  Before I get into the products, let me say I have been wanting to try Giovanni products for a long time because I have heard so many good things about the line but never got around to purchasing anything.  So when I saw that vitacost sells the WHOLE line I was stoked so the majority of the products that I purchased are from the Giovanni line.

**8 products list**

1. Giovanni Direct leave- in conditioner– moisturizes and detangles

2. Giovanni Frizz Be Gone– eliminates frizz & protects against heat styling

3. Giovanni Sunset Styling Lotion Hair Changer- straightens curls & waves, seals in moisture, protects hair from heat styling

4. Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor Eco Chic Technology- re-energizes hair

5. Giovanni Straight Fast Straightening Elixir- smoothes and straightens hair, resists humidity, and protects against heat

6. Artisana 100% Organic Raw Coconut Extra Virgin Oil- one of my staple products

7. Jane Carter Nourish and Shine- will nourish and add shine to dry hair and skin

8. Shea Radiance Citrus Blossom Whipped Shea Butter- This brand is new for me but shea butter is one of my staple products

** Be sure to look at the retail price and vitacost price under the picture.  SAVINGS!!**

Coconut Oil 16 fl oz
Retail $14
Vitacost- $12

Giovanni Direct leave in Conditioner 8.5 fl oz
Retail- $7 or more
Vitacost- $4.71

Giovanni Hair Reconstructor 6.8 fl oz
Retail- $8 or more
Vitacost- $5.28

Giovanni Styling Lotion 8.5 fl oz
Retail- $8 or more
Vitacost- $4.93

Giovanni Straightening Elixir 6.8 fl oz
Retail- $10 or more
Vitacost- $7.69

Giovanni Frizz Be Gone 2.75 fl oz
Retail-$9 or more
Vitacost- $4.92

Jane Carter Nourish & Shine 4 oz
Vitacost- 19.80

**Not pictured- The Shea Radiance Citrus Blossom Whipped Shea Butter was not available when the other products shipped but it was ready just a few days later and I am expecting it any day now! Retail price- $15.99 and Vitacost price- $11.51

I am very happy with my purchase, I like to buy in bulk and the savings were worth it.  I saved around $30 buying online through Vitacost.  I think this is a great company, good customer service, and awesome prices.  They even have it to where if you are a frequent shopper, you can lock in the price of your favorite items so that you pay the same amount even if the price changes! How cool is that?! Vitacost has a facebook page, twitter account, and instagram account so check them out!! I think I will be a shopper with them for life!!

I boought a lot of products that will aid me with heat styling because I have been having a love affair with my blow dryer, I know, I know but I do my best to prevent heat damage and I believe some of these products will be great to help with that. We shall see! (Fingers crossed)

Until next time,

Be you, Be beautiful

**Disclaimer- This is not a paid review. The views expressed are solely of the author for the purpose of sharing information.  I cannot guarantee you any price if you wish to purchase the same products because the prices are subject to change.  Pictures belong to author as each item was purchased for personal use.


My new LOVE… Pre-Pooing

27 Jul

Hey people!! Hope your day is going well.   This post is about a new love of PRE-POOING  that I have.  Pre-pooing is a moisturizing, conditioning treatment that you do BEFORE  you shampoo, hence the prefix PRE.  It is very simple, coat your strands with product of choice, work it through, cover with plastic cap and some people sit under heat for a while.  I have seen people pre-poo for 30 minutes and I have seen people pre-poo for hours or even overnight.  That is your choice.  You may be saying, OK, I understand what it is now but what do I use to actually pre-poo????? Good question, various oils, such as, coconut, olive, castor, and jojoba can be used.  Also products such as hair mayonaises, conditioners, and other treatments can be used and/or combined with the oils.

I used to pre-poo frequently while I was transitioning but once I chopped I strayed away from this technique but man OH MAN, the prodigal child has returned and it is all because of HONEY!  Yes, honey!!  While scrolling through Instagram (follow me @simplee-ifree) I came across @glossymimi of,   upload of a jar of coconut oil and a jar of honey and she stated that she was about to pre-poo her daughter’s hair so of course I was intrigued because I love when I can make a product have multi-uses as I have already discovered a love for honey to exfoliate my face and lips.  Then I think the next day, I was tweet watching and Ariel of tweeted that her hair was having a love affair with honey, so I was like OK i’m sold, and headed to the pantry for the honey!!!!

I was lucky that I was coming up on a wash day because the excitement of trying this out would have killed me!!! I put some honey in a bowl, if I had to measure I would say maybe 1 tablespoon and then I added the beloved coconut oil, let’s say about 2 tablespoons but of course you will need enough for your hair.  As you read, I put a little more oil than honey, mixed it up, worked through my mane, put on plastic cap, let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then rinsed in the shower.

OMGGGGGGGGG  While I was rinsing I could tell a difference in my hair.  It was the softest it has ever been!!!! NO EXAGGERATION NEEDED! As I was rinsing I said to myself, “I see why bears love this stuff!” and then I laughed at myself for even thinking that thought!! I am in love with it now but be mindful that it is honey so it will be sticky and somewhat messy depending on how you apply it but it does rinse out easily and your hair will love you.  Well at least mine did so I hope the same results for you if you try it.

One more thing, a few days later I paired the honey with extra virgin olive oil and it still did a good job of softening and moisturizing but my results with the coconut oil and honey were better X 3 so the two must be soulmates or something!

IF you want to see some examples there are a ton on youtube just search for pre-poo (duh India) and if you try or have tried it let me know how it works for you!!

FYI the honey I used came from wal-mart and my coconut oil was purchased at Whole Foods Market.

Until next time,

Be You, Be Beautiful


Products that won’t break the BANK

21 Jul
Hello good people! First I just want to say this is my 3rd, yes 3rd attempt at this post.  SMH, I am still getting used to all the different buttons so I clicked on something (don’t know what) on two different ocassions and it closed the screen completely out.  Mind you it was already around 1 in the morning so I just closed the laptop, said forget it and went to bed.  So if you are reading this then you know that it FINALLY made it without going to cyber heaven.
I had a friend reach out to me and ask me if I could recommend some products for her because she is going to grow her curls out from a short cut.  So I went into my product repetoire and compiled a list of different products that are EASY to find and EASY  on the pockets.  I do believe that you get what you pay for but I also believe that good products can be found in our local stores.  However, I did include some websites that sell quality products with rave reviews at the end.  (I just did a copy and paste number with little editing so you are reading exactly what I sent to my friend.)
 I researched some products and you should be able to find some good stuff out of these products.  I will take it through shampoo to styling to make it easier to look at.  Hope it helps. I will try to stick to products that are easy to find and affordable because ordering online can be a pain and costly.  But I will include some online product lines in case you want to check them out.
1. Shampoo (shampoos with no sulfates or parabens are better for natural hair beause those ingredients can make your hair dry, stripped, and brittle)
*Burt Bee’s pomegranate shampoo- Walgreens- less than $10
*Yes to carrots nourishing shampoo- Walgreens, Target, online- around $10 (yes to carrots also has other types like yes to cucumber and they work well also)
*Shea moisture moisture retention shampoo- Walgreens, target, wal-mart, online- around $10
*Organix coconut milk shampoo- walmart- around $10 (the organix line has other shampoo types too, they will be good too)
** I rarely use shampoos, maybe twice a month. I rely on co-washes and ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinses to cleanse my scalp)
2. Conditioners  ( A lot of curly girls who are going to wear their hair in its natural curl like to use a silicone free conditioner because it wont cause build- up on the hair)
*Yes to cucumbers color care conditioner- Walgreens, Target, online- around $10
*Tresemme conditioners (silicone free ones are in the white bottle) – Target, Walmart, Walgreens-    around $6 (works well if you leave in hair too)
*Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Thickening Conditioner- Target, Walmart, Walgreens – around $10
*Herbal Essences Hello Hydration- Walmart, Target- around $5 (works well if you leave in hair too)
*V05 clarifying conditioner- Walmart, Dollar Tree – $1
3. Moisturizing (Water will be your best moisturizer.  After hair is rinsed apply leave in conditioner spray/cream, and follow with an oil to lock that moisture in. Most of the time whatever you are using to style will moisturize the hair)
*I use a lot of oils for moisturizing, pure, 100% oils.  Most oils in the hair stores are not 100% so I either order online or go to a whole foods/organic store or GNC. I use coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil (100% can be found at local grocery stores, I cook with it and use in my hair lol), macadamia nut oil, jamaican black castor oil, hemp seed oil, and grapeseed oil (good on skin too).  I don’t use all at one time
though I pick and choose depending on how my hair feels.  The ones in bold are heavier oils so I use them maybe once a week but the others I use daily.
 ** I also spritz my dry hair with a water/oil mixture once a day. (Or at least I try to remember to do that)
*Mane and tail detangling spray is awesome for detangling, really the only that I have tried that works well. I have also heard good things about Kinky Curly Knot Today (target).
4. Styling (With styling products natural girls try to avoid products with mineral oil and petrolatum/petroleum because they block moisture and cause build- up)
*Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie- Target, walmart- around $10
* Shea moisture curl and style milk- walmart, target- around $10
* Eden body works curl milk- walmart, target, online- around $10
* I used conditioners to do styles sometimes too
*Hair rules curly whip- Target- around $10
*Lustrasilk curl pudding Walmart- around $6
*NON- alcohol gels (ecostyler) – Anywhere- less tha $5
**I also love Long Aid curl activator on my wash and gos.  I buy it at walmart for less than $5.  Also Garnier Fructis has a cream gel that I am quite fond of also. (Smells delicious I might add)
Websites (All of the websites sell 100% natural products. May be a little pricey but good stuff. Most of the websites have it sectioned off so you can go straight products for your hair type)
Entwine Natural Coiffure Collezion (don’t know the exact website but google it)
All of these companies have facebook pages and twitter accounts.  A lot of them offer discounts, giveaways, and styling instructions on their social media accounts so it may be beneficial to follow them.
Use youtube and google for everything!!!! It will tell you all that you need to know and you can see what other girls with your hair texture/curl are using.
That sums it up. Of course there are MANY other products out there on the market but I just wanted to give some ideas that may help.
What are your favorite products to use on your natural or relaxed hair???? Yes, relaxed ladies you are welcome to comment also.  I don’t discriminate! LOL
Until next time,
Be you, Be beautiful

Wrap it up…

10 Jul

Happy late Sunday to you all.  I know it was like I fell off the face of the earth but I’m still alive people.  I am in South Carolina for the summer, so I had to pack all of me and the kids up and make that drive from Miami.  When I finally arrived and got settled, I started looking and looking but couldn’t find my laptop charger.  I was frantic, didn’t know whether I threw it away in all the madness or left it in Miami.  I had everyone back in Miami looking for it while I was looking for it in South Carolina.  I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to order another.  I was packing the twins in the car and *boom* there it was, right in my face.  I was embarassed and relieved at the same time.  I lost some blogging time due to that and being in the country makes a person not want to do anything but relax and that is what I have been doing but I promise to do better.  I already have a few post lined up.

Moving right along, let’s wrap it up! Head scarves people, I am talking head scarves.  I have grown to adore a cute turban or head scarf/wrap as they are very prominent in the fashion and natural hair world right now.  I think with the right accessories, tying, or outfit anyone can take a plain old scarf into a chic  and stylish accessory.

I love YouTube, and I use it for everything.  So I looked up a few vids that would give me more options on tying and wearing my scarves.  Now I will not include specific directions for every picture but the vids will give you all some really good tutorials and there are many other scarf tutorials on YouTube.  Also just play around with your scarves and you will probably develop your own *signature* style.

How to rock a moxie turban by Charyjay

How to: Big Bow by Iknowlee

Head Scarf Wrap Tutorial by Vivacious1083

Mattie Method: 7 ways to wear a head scarf in 3 minutes by Mattieologie

Head scarf tuck and tie by Bluelibra7

*These pics are missing face action because I was getting over conjunctivitis AKA pink eye, yeah disgusting I know.

I hope this inspires you to rock some head wraps! They are great for a bad hair day, rainy day, protecting your hair, or just adding a little *umph* to your wardrobe.

Until next time,

Be you, Be beautiful

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